The success of online credits

Online credits are one of the services that are growing the most in Spain in recent years. Do we know why?

The economic crisis that began back in 2008 wreaked havoc on small family economies, so fragile to sudden changes.

The lack of work was the cause of a great consequence: the loss of purchasing power.

Why online credits have grown so much in recent years?

Before this crisis, when looking for financing, banks and savings banks granted loans in a more flexible way than after the start of the crisis. Over the years, seeing that the situation did not improve, made a large part of the population no longer have access to traditional loans.

The traditional bank closed the tap of consumer loans. Whereas before they were given in a very flexible way, after the beginning of the crisis, the requirements demanded at the time of requesting credits multiplied, since taking risks for non-payment was not the best idea.

This situation caused many companies! They got down to work and created a product that could cover that niche: fast online credits. A solution to deal with urgent situations such as the breakdown of a household appliance, a bill that we did not expect, etc.

What are the characteristics of fast online credits?

The online credits of BridgePayday! They have many differences with respect to traditional loans, how are you, for example:

  • You will have the money in 10 minutes after being approved.
  • You only have to fill out a simple application in which you will be asked for a few details such as your name and surnames, ID or identity document, telephone number, level of education, current employment status, current account number you want to be entered into. online credit, etc.
  • You will not have to present documentation of any kind, or payroll, or contracts. Nothing.
  • You will not need to present any budget or proforma invoice since the credit you request can be for anything.
  • Privacy is something that is valued a lot, with online credits you will not have to give any explanation of why you want it.
  • You can request a mini-loan online even if you are on a list of defaulters as ASNEF.

Conditions to take into account when ordering a fast credit online

 What do I have to keep in mind when I’m going to ask for a quick mini loan online? That is the first question you will ask when you need one. The best part is that there are hardly any conditions.

One of these conditions is that the loans are subject to a fairly short repayment term of about 30 days maximum.
The second condition is that we must show that we can reimburse the amount of the loan that we have been granted plus interest.

The success of online credits lies, above all, in speed. Unforeseen events are not included in our economic roadmap, so when one arrives, we should look for a quick and easy solution to face it.